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Introducing xLog's Phase One 10,000 USDC Creator Incentive Plan

xLog, the open-source and on-chain blogging platform, has been with us for four months.

During this time, 700 creators have submitted 2,500 articles to the blockchain through xLog, attracting over 2 million unique visitors. These articles cover diverse topics from knowledge sharing, lifestyle, and games, to blockchain and Web3.

Personal blogs have been helpful for a long time, but creators have found it challenging to earn revenue from them. Blockchain now provides transparent and fair reward opportunities for creators, and we have been exploring how to better utilize Web3's advantages for xLog. By leveraging the creator economy of Web3, creators can dedicate more time and energy to creating, resulting in even more high-quality content.

To make our larger ideas possible, xLog needs to expand its creator base. To achieve this, we have launched a phase one creator incentive plan with 10,000 USDC. The goal of the plan is simple: to enable early xLog creators to earn income through high-quality articles and attract more high-quality creators to join.

All xLog creators will automatically join our incentive plan, but only articles that meet our standards will receive tips from the xLog official account as an incentive. Initially, the specific incentive earnings will only be related to the value of the article itself, and later, we will consider multiple dimensions such as content popularity and user preferences. Additionally, we will hold prize-winning events from time to time, and participants will receive additional income. Please check the events page on the dashboard for more information.

If you receive an incentive, you will receive a notification from our notification system, and you can check your balance and make withdrawals on the tokens page of your dashboard. We will also release a detailed tutorial soon.

If you're not yet an xLog creator but would like to join, we welcome you to participate in our creative experiment. Because there is a group of lovely users here, they may be the ones who best appreciate you in this virtual world of the internet.


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