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xLog Weekly Summary #10 - Week 10, 2023

Fresh out the oven 🔥#


We have to admit that our previous style was a bit monotonous, so we want to make it more fun and colorful through this rebranding to convey our purpose of creating a lovely community.

We have redesigned our dynamic logo and slogan, as well as revamped the homepage into three sections - Write, Own, Earn - to better showcase xLog's unique features and values. We hope to attract creators who are interested in both writing and ownership.


Code changes: 9cddd61

AI-generated summary#

ChatGPT is a hot topic lately, and we are also considering how to better serve bloggers using AI. We think that AI-generated summaries are a great idea. xLog will read the visitor's browser preferred language and let the AI generate a summary in that language based on the content of the article. This way, visitors can quickly understand the general content of the article and are not limited by language.

We used the method of splitting and summarizing text separately to generate summaries, which is not limited by ChatGPT's token limit. It can handle articles of any length.

As an example, here are English and Chinese summaries generated for xLog's last Weekly Summary.



Code changes: db7574f


We will not ignore or even discriminate against users who use other languages like many other Web3 products. We have added support for Chinese and Japanese to better serve people who use these languages. You don't need to do any settings, just like the AI-generated summary, xLog will automatically read the visitor's browser preferred language to display the corresponding language.


If you have a need for other languages, please feel free to submit a PR for us here.

Code changes: 8494afd...8634e78

Dashboard optimizations#

Not only the homepage, but we have also made many optimizations to the dashboard. The style has been unified with the rebranding. We added two modules on the right side of the dashboard homepage: xLog news and recommended bloggers. We also added a help button in the lower left corner.


Code changes: 68be592...e1c4954

Other experience optimizations#

In addition, we have also made many experience optimizations that you may find difficult to notice, but we believe they will provide you with a more comfortable experience in the background.

  • Add hover effect to text button.

    Code changes: fe9338a

  • Add a Chevron down icon to the right of the Connect button.

    Code changes: e73a21e

  • Remove the emphasis color and generate the theme color automatically.

    Code changes: a629fde

  • Generate a default slug even when no title is provided.

    Code changes: 8415b91

  • Use "overflow: auto" for tabs.

    Code changes: 21aa30c 7b8cbf2

  • Improve the clarity of preview page alerts.

    Code changes: 2abf9f3

  • Redirect visitors from the preview page to the official page.

    Code changes: 90d5082

  • Replace the button text "unpublish" with "delete".

    Code changes: 10b71cf

  • Redirect the URLs /feed.xml and /atom.xml to /feed/xml.

    Code changes: 11fc759

  • Limit the slug to specific characters.

    Code changes: 8324bea

What's next?#

One of our missions is to help bloggers earn income. Writing a blog is also a process of helping others through output, and it makes economic sense to achieve certain earnings. Now we are ambitiously entering the next phase, with the first step being the tipping and creator incentive program. We will also leverage the advantages of blockchain for further exploration in the future. Stay tuned!

Stay Connected with xLog#

If you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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