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xLog Weekly Summary #12 - Week 13, 2023

Fresh out the oven 🔥#

Activities page#


To make it easier for readers to stay up-to-date with their favorite bloggers and for bloggers to distribute their posts and find inspiration, we've created an activities page. This page enables you to follow updates from the bloggers you're interested in, as well as all updates on xLog.

We're happy to report that this feature is already proving successful. The number of views on articles posted on xLog has significantly increased, and we've received positive feedback from bloggers like .

本来不打算写了,摸鱼刷 xLog 新增的时间流动态,被一个博客吸引,写了一大段评论后,「写瘾」犯了😭

Code changes: 20cec79 b24b4d4

Support for Traditional Chinese#


We'd like to thank for contributing the Traditional Chinese translation.

So far, we have supported English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Japanese.

Code changes: pull/251

Blurred background#


We've observed that when a banner is set on the site, the text at the top can become difficult to read. To address this, many bloggers use custom CSS to set a blurred background for the top text. Recognizing this as a common requirement, we've added an automatic background to the top text without the need for manual settings.

Code changes: 338ca81

Other experience optimizations#

  • Check DNS settings for custom domain before redirecting and saving
    Code changes: 23494d1
  • Set 5 reties for dns query
    Code changes: c29f0d5
  • Use a better way of summarizing
    Code changes: 70cf96d
  • Prohibit multiple imports of mirror
    Code changes: baa6aa1
  • Avoid encoding-required characters in slugs
    Code changes: d741bfe

Creator Incentive#

We have distributed 704 USDC to outstanding creators last week. There is a balance of 8396 USDC for the first phase of creator incentive. Come join us!

New Friends#

Let's welcome the new friends who joined xLog last week.

Stay Connected with xLog#

If you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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