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AI Filtering, Hot Lists, Honorary Badges & More - xLog Weekly Summary #13

Fresh out the oven 🔥#

AI Filtering for Higher Content Quality#


We have always been proud of the high quality of posts on xLog. However, we understand that occasionally there may be test posts, short posts, or low-quality posts on the home activities page. To maintain a high standard of content, we employ GPT-4 to score each post and optionally hide those with lower scores from the home activities page.

For users wanting to test xLog's publishing function, we recommend publishing a "page" to prevent polluting the activities feed.

Code changes: ef2f414


As more posts are published on xLog, hot lists become increasingly important. We've added hot lists for various time dimensions, allowing readers to easily find the most popular content on xLog daily, weekly, monthly, or all-time.

We calculate the "heat" of a post using an algorithm that factors in publishing time and reading volume. In the future, we plan to incorporate additional dimensions, such as the number of comments, likes, and collections.

Code changes: 2f9b224

Honorary Badges for Outstanding Contributors#


xLog contributors, primarily code contributors on GitHub, will receive an honorary badge displayed on the activities page, comments, and character pop-ups. We hope to acknowledge and motivate those who have made exceptional contributions to xLog in this way.

But that's not all! In the future, we'll further reward our contributors with achievement NFTs and higher recommendation values.

If you'd like to become a contributor, please contribute code to us on GitHub. Our public board details our development progress and plans.

Code changes: ba00fbd

Topic pages#


We showcase popular topics from xLog in the top right corner of the activities page. Clicking on a topic displays handpicked, high-quality posts related to that topic. This feature aims to help readers quickly discover interesting and high-quality content.

Additionally, our team members carefully read and interact with every post, engage with bloggers, distribute incentives to creators, and categorize posts.

If you're interested in helping maintain the topics, you can submit a pull request for this file on GitHub.

Code changes: ad05782

Improved mobile layout#


A huge thank you to our fantastic GitHub community contributor @zsakvo for revamping xLog's mobile dashboard. His efforts have greatly improved the mobile experience for all users.

Code changes: pull/304

Other experience optimizations#

  • Increased maximum comment length f3e67f4
  • Store summaries in the database 5cbfb73
  • Implemented page-based comment loading 653cf39
  • Prevented persistent caching across multiple pages e00be33
  • Styles for h5 and h6 headings 5d4f99f
  • Scrollable post toc afb3d6e
  • Fix an issue where deletion prompts sometimes did not disappear pull/290
  • Support comment content editing 556c20b
  • Updated the showcase to sort by blog content update time and only display characters with blog updates in the last 15 days 92f0487

Creator Incentive#

We have distributed 735 USDC to outstanding creators last two week. There is a balance of 7661 USDC for the first phase of creator incentive. Come join us!

Stay Connected with xLog#

If you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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