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Improved Activities, Side Interaction Buttons, More Embedded Content & More - xLog Weekly Summary #17

Fresh out the oven 🔥#

Improved Activities#

Add comment display#


Comments are a crucial aspect of posts, and for bloggers, engaging with comments is an effective way to enhance the post's topic. To encourage active participation and expression of opinions, we have incorporated comment display on our activities page.

Code changes: @diygod 2c77b95

Simplify multiple posts from the same blogger#


When new users start using xLog, it is a common practice to import old posts from their previous blogs. However, having too many of these old posts from the same blogger in the activity feed can be inconvenient for users who want to view updates. To address this issue, we have implemented measures to reduce the display of non-first posts by the same blogger. These measures include reducing font size and number of lines displayed, as well as not showing cover images.

Code changes: @diygod a5367ca

Use separate URLs for different types of activities#




We now use different URLs for the latest, hottest, and followed activity types to facilitate users' separate access instead of manually switching.

Code changes: @diygod d03f37a

Add skeleton loading#


Code changes: @birdgg #574

Side Interaction Buttons#


Likes, collections, tips, and comments are highly motivating for bloggers. To enhance reader interaction, we have incorporated interactive buttons on the left-hand side of posts that will remain visible while scrolling through the page. We believe this feature will boost reader engagement.

Code changes: @diygod 00e6022 f903699

More Embedded Content Support#


After supporting Tweet embedding last week, this week we have added support for multiple embedded content such as YouTube, GitHub, Bilibili, CodeSandbox and NetEaseMusic. Just like with Tweets, all you need to do is put the link in as a separate line.

You can view more examples here: https://xlog.xlog.app/xfm#embedding

Code changes: @birdgg @diygod #560 7aef7ac

New Editor Buttons#


We've included new quick buttons for centering, right-aligning, and inserting mathematical formulas. Moreover, we've improved the image upload button to allow uploading audio and video files. Furthermore, clicking on the help button will provide you with more explanations and examples.

Code changes: @diygod 30e7dd4 13d1300

Home Tag Page#


Example: https://xlog.app/tag/Weekly

On the activities page, you can now click on a tag within a post to view all other posts that use the same tag.

Code changes: @innei-4525 46969f8

Improved Blockchain Experience#

We have replaced wagmi with a faster and lighter alternative viem in our Crossbell SDK. As a result, you can now experience significantly faster blockchain transactions.

Code changes: @runjuu @sxzz #562

Foldable Editor Preview#


Code changes: @enpitsulin @diygod #530 c3f891e

Additional Updates#

  • @diygod feat: exclude pre-caching of some low-frequency files d3ced8b
  • @innei-4525 feat: support codemirror for comment and fix emoji insert pos and support upload image from clipboard #557
  • @innei-4525 @diygod feat: support sitemap #559 6488cd8 69022e3
  • @whitewatercn-6327 add zhihu social platform #572
  • @diygod feat: automatically convert h1 to h2 8ea934f
  • @caspian-3030 fix: solved FCP flash issue #551
  • @fwqaaq feat: add viewTransition for dark mode #518
  • @nanak-2053 change wrapper div tag for "BlockchainInfo" to a section tag #546
  • @steveyu fix: ai_filtering always true #538

Fresh Events 🔥#

xLog Spotlight#

We have created a new account on Twitter to promote popular content from xLog. We hope that it can bring more traffic to high-quality posts. Please follow us and stay tuned!


Stay Connected with xLog#

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