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xLog Weekly Summary #8 - Week 4, 2023

Welcome back!

After a few weeks of Christmas break, we're back to xLog Weekly. In fact, our development work has never stopped.

Email Login#

Crossbell offers an email login option for Web2 users who do not have a wallet, and xLog has now added this feature. If you don't have a wallet, click connect now to experience this feature!

However, please note that there are some restrictions on advanced features for email users, so try to use your wallet if possible.


Code changes: 5d5bb98fa300de4ec6da4d27afbeadb7ccdee078


We've supported PWA! Now xLog has faster reloading speeds - I can no longer see xLog's loading process - and you can even use preloaded sites offline!

You can also install the site as an app on your computer if you prefer.


Code changes: ec0d836c599dcd270a7168b8b61a249d9335c09b

Posting Success Confetti#

We found that some users couldn't find the post address after posting, so we've optimised the posting process. Now after posting, the page no longer redirects to the list and you can see beautiful celebratory confetti and some hints.


Code changes: 9fb7619051fb3f58fa84c0e960fd8eb3b71d0de0

New Notifications#

We have switched to the same notification module as crossbell.io, which supports more types of notifications, including adding and removing operators, following, unfollowing, mint posts, like posts, mentions, etc.


Code changes: 2b9db31546931dd3444e429dd2758475da234f95

Site Stat#

We have added site statistics to the dashboard for webmasters to understand the status of their sites. This is only a simple version and we will continue to add more data and features.


Code changes: 5d2d68671dd605c9344ad1230c2113c51d83c01f

Audio Support#

Due to user feedback, we have supported audio and you can now use the HTML audio tag in your posts, just like this

<audio src="https://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/gtv-videos-bucket/sample/TearsOfSteel.mp4" controls></audio>

xLog audio
xLog audio

But for now it simply uses the player that comes with the browser, we will follow up with more optimizations for video and audio content.

Code changes: e3d424c1b713f4def429b53c0802913c40afcc81

Math Support#

Our team's AI doctor has many posts with mathematical formulas, so we supported math for him and now you can use mathematical formulas in your posts instead of troublesome screenshots, just like this

$$\left( \sum_{k=1}^n a_k b_k \right)^2 \leq \left( \sum_{k=1}^n a_k^2 \right) \left( \sum_{k=1}^n b_k^2 \right)$$

(k=1nakbk)2(k=1nak2)(k=1nbk2)\left( \sum_{k=1}^n a_k b_k \right)^2 \leq \left( \sum_{k=1}^n a_k^2 \right) \left( \sum_{k=1}^n b_k^2 \right)

Code changes: 0dd2c1a3051c47e5aa8acec62d6989c07a7a573e

Better Automatic Excerpt#

We used the rehype-infer-description-meta library instead of the previous excerpt generator we wrote ourselves, and we have to say, it works a lot better

Code changes: b72fbb501fdeda77222228ada30cd0b84b4adcf1

Foldable Sidebar#

An interesting little feature, if you don't like that wide sidebar, you can click the little button above to shrink it, just like this

Clipboard - 2023-01-23 22.39.45

Code changes: ed335b13a5b5fef1bc53dbc69b72bd1dba654cea

Mint as an NFT#

There is always a like button and a mint button at the bottom of each post, but the UI of the mint button may be misunderstood by some users, in fact it allows you to mint the post as your NFT to permanently bookmark it in your account. So we've added a little hint to it.


Code changes: d1374810a3563e542b336004279d1aeb75995766

Writing Competition #2 - 2022 Wrapped#

We have successfully held our second writing competition in Discord, let's congratulate the winners!

🥇 1st place: https://somehacker.xlog.app/2022%3A-A-Belated-Year-in-Review

🥈 2nd: https://dummm.xlog.app/WEB3%2525252525252525252C-MULTIVERSE-OF-MADNESS-AND-NEW-POSSIBILITIES!

🥉 3rd: https://descardi.xlog.app/My-Family-Life-With-Crypto-In-2022

🎖️ 4th: https://anxiete.xlog.app/How-was-2022-for-me%3F

Join Discord now and don't miss out on any more bonuses!


Just like always, if you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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