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xLog Weekly Summary #5 - Week 45, 2022

Welcome! Let's get right to the point!


We supported setting up a banner to make your xLog more personalized and colorful.

And it even supports video, which I personally like a lot!

Take 's blog as an example:



Bulk Uploading Images#

Now you can copy and paste multiple images into the editor and xLog will upload them in sequence, which is very useful when you need many images in your post.

Styling Optimization#

It may not be evident to you, but some style details of the xLog home page have been optimized. Margins, transitions and some mobile specific styles.

One of the more noticeable things is that the on-chain information at the bottom is now expanded by default, to make the on-chain feature of xLog more visible.


Just like always, if you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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