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xLog Weekly Summary #7 - Week 47, 2022

We have completed a few more features that we have been waiting for, and I can't wait to introduce them to you!

NFT Showcase#

We have never found a satisfactory place to display our NFTs, some cannot properly display video or special types of NFTs, and some have only a few chains.

It's a good idea to display NFT collections in the blog, and with Unidata's powerful aggregation capabilities and comprehensive data, we support the acquisition and display of NFTs from the Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Fantom, POAP, Moonbeam, Optimism, and so on.

We also detect the MIME types of NFT static files on the back end so that the front end can correctly display different types of NFTs including images, videos, 3D models, iframes, etc.

Here is a good example:



Feel free to add it to your navigation.

We are also aware of the existence of many spam NFTs, so xLog also allows you to easily filter these NFTs by CSS that you do not want to display.


We identify the collection, network, token id, and name of the NFT in the HTML to make it easier to write filter rules.

For example, filtering by collection

.xlog-nft[data-collection="0x0251af933d0ace03f817a37613bf5f0a437021e1"] {
  display: none;

Or filtering by name:

.xlog-nft[data-name^="CryptoArt "] {
  display: none;


We have always planned to make a collaboration feature to provide better rights management for group users. With the recent upgrade of the Crossbell contract, this has finally become a reality. Let's take a look at how operators work!

  1. Open Dashboard -> Settings -> Operators
  2. Add addresses you trust and want to work with. Click Save button and use your wallet to sign the transaction.
    Once the transaction is successful, the address can operate your posts and settings, so please be careful.
  3. Finally, tell the address holder to enter your dashboard (https://xlog.app/dashboard/[your subdomain]) and start writing.


We've added some magic to make search engines index your xLog faster and better.

Structured Data Markup#

A data format supported by Google that helps search engines understand the content of your xLog. We generate this structure for each post, including the post title, update and posting time, author, etc.


You can see a more detailed description here.


We generate a sitemap for each xLog, which contains all your posts, and search engines will index your posts based on this map.



We have added robots.txt to tell search engines not to index some internal pages and sitemap location.

User-agent: *
Disallow: /dashboard/
Disallow: /preview/

Sitemap: https://xlog.xlog.app/sitemap.xml


It is important and rewarding to know how many people have read your posts, so we count the number of views on each post in the backend. But for efficiency reasons, using the blockchain for it is not possible, so it becomes our only feature that is not on the chain, which was also a difficult decision for us, if you don't like it, feel free to hide this feature via CSS or suggest your better ideas to us.


Just like always, if you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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