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xLog Weekly Summary #9 - Week 7, 2023

Hello everyone, here are our updates from the previous three weeks, hope you like them.

Auto Theme Color#


We've always supported modifying theme colors via custom CSS to make your xLog more personalized, but it still has some learning costs, so we use some algorithms to automatically generate different default theme colors for each person.

We use fast-average-color to get the average color of the image or video for your banner - if you have one - or avatar. Then we use chroma-js to get the colors with different brightness to prevent them from being too dark or too bright.

Code changes: 73d8853 4205b70 0923722

More Powerful Connect Button#


We thought the notification was an important feature, so we moved it to a more prominent position to the left of the avatar.

Operator sign, switch characters and $CSB balance have been added to the menu, the first two of which we will return to later.

Code changes: 3945cb9 f4cfda0

Like and Mint Confetti#


Have fun!

Code changes: f7ba1a5

Operator Sign#


We have noticed that many users feedback that it is too cumbersome to sign for each operation, which is determined by the nature of the blockchain. However, Crossbell has enabled a proxy signature feature that allows you to authorize once at login and then no longer need to sign with your wallet each time, see here for details. xLog also supports this feature now.

Code changes: ba9136f

Support Multiple Characters#


Crossbell has always allowed multiple characters to exist under one address, only one of which is primary. xLog previously only allowed logins with primary characters, but now this restriction has been lifted to align with other Crossbell eco-projects.

Code changes: 54f76d2

Social Platform#



You can now add your social media accounts in the dashboard and they will be displayed in the bottom right corner of your site once added.

Some supported platforms will automatically generate icons and links, others will display a default icon. If the platform you want is not supported, please feel free to submit an issue or pr on GitHub, or just leave a comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Code changes: 58645e1

Floating Menu#


We have rewritten the menu component and changed the hover trigger to click trigger to enhance the user experience.

Code changes: 7786eee

Image no-optimization option#

We noticed that some SVG images have problems with compression, so we added a way to disable image compression by adding a no-optimization class to the image, just like:

<img class="no-optimization" src="https://img.shields.io/github/stars/Crossbell-Box/xLog?style=social&color=4c1">

Code changes: 659fd7e

New Home Page#


We have redesigned the home page, hoping to attract more users.

Code changes: 3bb00a2

Page Type and User States Classes#

To make it easier to write different styles for different pages and visitor states, we have added a number of dynamic classes. For example, you can hide certain content from non-followers.

.hidden-content {
  display: none;

.xlog-user-site-follower .hidden-content {
  display: block;

Code changes: bea1aea eea6764

Quick Edit Button#


Site owners can now quickly access the edit page here.

Code changes: 7e61655

Just like always, if you have any suggestions or expectations, or just want to have a casual conversation, feel free to join our community or leave a comment below. Cheers! 🍻

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